Jun 25, 2011

summer vacation 2011 - Taipei

I went to Taipei with my family.  It has been a long time since we travelled together.  We stayed there for a week.  To be honest, I didn't have a good impression of Taipei when I visited last time.  Now it seems different - cleaner and more developed in terms of city planning.  But in the meantime it is concerned about historic preservation.  Taiwanese cuisine is awesome.  I definitely need diet plans to shed a few pounds afterwards.


 I also found out some goodies from Taiwan. 
Luckily I didn't go over board for shopping.
rice cake - I just like its texture and lighter sweet taste
go better with some Chinese tea

We stopped by Yingge (鶯歌) which is a pottery town
in the southwest of Taipei City.
I bought some handmade ceramic cups in a shop. 
The shop owner was very nice to us - even gave us some small gifts.

These cute little bags come from Lovely Taiwan Shop
which is such a good place to find souvenir. 
Every product is designed by local Taiwanese artists. 

In the end everyone had a great time there. 
It won't be a bad idea if I can go to Taiwan every year.

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