Dec 30, 2011

origami brooch

I wanted to try something new for gift ideas this year
found a book about making origami jewellery
it is quite inspiring
and my friends love their butterfly brooch

Dec 24, 2011

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year

this is my own DIY Christmas tree with its special ornaments
wish you lots of love, happiness and hope

Dec 1, 2011

an inspirational image


      This image represents one of unforgettable incidents in my life

Nov 19, 2011


making a belt is a snap
in just 15 minutes you can turn webbing into fashionable accessories
you won't believe how easy it is until you try

Nov 7, 2011

get well

to a family member who has experienced a 7-hour surgery
and an 11-day hospital stay
I am looking forward to your full and speedy recovery

Oct 29, 2011

wedding day

a good friend of mine is getting married today.
wish to two people for a happy future

Oct 26, 2011

DIY table covering

I got two lovely handkerchiefs from muji
it is a low-sew project
with right side aligned, sew along edge
turn right side out, stitch the gap
then a double-side table covering is ready to go


Oct 16, 2011

more circle spice

I just can't get enough circular shapes and prints
the fabric is quite interesting
maybe the designer found his inspiration in beetles
I have fun playing with patterns when making the pouches

Oct 4, 2011

still in the mood for lady bag

This navy blue handbag with a dash of floral pattern has the autumn feel

Sep 9, 2011

vintage romance

I seldom use floral fabrics for my design work
one of few handmade bags with sweetly feminine touch
- at my friend's special request
it also has a vintage feel,
hope she likes it

Sep 1, 2011

weekend bag

This bag has perfect size
I can just toss everything inside, and then I am ready to go out


Aug 19, 2011

a day off

I spent a whole afternoon on Lamma Island,
away from skyscrapers in cities
clean air, sun and beach
it is very relaxing for me

here's a wind turbine on the island
such a good place for kite flying and soap bubbles

my first time to visit Herboland near Hung Shing Ye Beach
this organic tea shop has some unique decorations
a refrigerator with books is one of them

I went to a small shop on the main street in Yung Shue Wan
and found out this little cute giraffe
couldn't help but bring it home

Aug 11, 2011

8/11 collection

I wanted to try hexagon shape long time ago
it becomes my affection now
and green is another new element as well, getting more colourful
it really bangs up against blue

also, tote bag teams up with pouch
it's all about keeping essential items

Jul 29, 2011

Made in Britain - Contemporary Art

I went to Hong Kong Heritage Museum for this touring exhibition. 
35 groups of contemporary British artists present their iconic creations,
which reflect the cultural and social changes in UK.
I have been complaining there aren't many contemporary art exhibitions in Hong Kong.
It's really worth going. 
Check it out before October 9. 

Jul 22, 2011

at Admiralty Station on Friday night

when going out with friends around 7 pm on Friday night
when the meeting place is the platform for Tsuen Wan Line
at Amiralty Station, one of busiest station in HK
when cell phones have poor reception
be prepared for hide-and-seek before reaching your final destination

Jul 19, 2011

Jul 8, 2011

my recent handmade accessories


I want to make some flower brooches for friends and family. 
It has been a while since I've last made the accessories,
so I become clumsy when using glue gun. 
Next time I would practice a bit first
and make sure that I can do a quick job.

  khaki pin stripe flower

red floral pattern flower brooches

                          black flower brooch

Jun 28, 2011

exhibition - clothing, food, dwelling and transport

I almost missed this exhibition in former Central Police Station Headquarters Building on Hollywood Road.
I wanted to be supportive because the exhibition was based upon the humble intelligence of daily life in Hong Kong.  You know the city is famous for its extreme urban density.

This was my first time to visit the former Central Police Station which is one of last historic builidings. Contemporary art exhibition could blend in perfectly with heritage setting. 
There could be more places like this, and there could be less identical high-rise structures.


Jun 25, 2011

summer vacation 2011 - Taipei

I went to Taipei with my family.  It has been a long time since we travelled together.  We stayed there for a week.  To be honest, I didn't have a good impression of Taipei when I visited last time.  Now it seems different - cleaner and more developed in terms of city planning.  But in the meantime it is concerned about historic preservation.  Taiwanese cuisine is awesome.  I definitely need diet plans to shed a few pounds afterwards.


 I also found out some goodies from Taiwan. 
Luckily I didn't go over board for shopping.
rice cake - I just like its texture and lighter sweet taste
go better with some Chinese tea

We stopped by Yingge (鶯歌) which is a pottery town
in the southwest of Taipei City.
I bought some handmade ceramic cups in a shop. 
The shop owner was very nice to us - even gave us some small gifts.

These cute little bags come from Lovely Taiwan Shop
which is such a good place to find souvenir. 
Every product is designed by local Taiwanese artists. 

In the end everyone had a great time there. 
It won't be a bad idea if I can go to Taiwan every year.