Dec 27, 2012

just like a window

when entering an apartment or a house,
I tend to notice windows first
window frames view to the outdoors
then the interiors could connect with the surroundings

For this round pocket on tote bags
I found inspiration from window design
but this time it's more about
looking inside

Dec 23, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Peace, hope, love and happiness
for everyone at Christmas and always

Dec 9, 2012

butterfly crush

origami butterfly brooches come in 
different patterns and styles
so many choices
to go with your outfit

Dec 2, 2012

on vacation

it is an annual family vacation
we made a trip to four European cities: Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest
traveling to Europe is all about “too much to see and too little time”
afterward I always regret that I didn’t take enough photos
certainly, never enough souvenirs for friends

soon after landing in Berlin
headed straight to the Victory Column, 
the Reichstag Building and the Brandenburg Gate
I like the Reichstag
well, partly because Norman Foster was in charge of its reconstruction

on the second day we checked out the famous Berlin Wall 
and the Pergamon Museum
the wall was mostly torn down
only three long sections are left
I am so intrigued by the graffiti art on the wall
it is just stimulating when you are standing in front of it

dropped by the city of Dresden before crossing the border to Czech Republic
this baroque city is full of striking monuments
So nice to stroll around

I have to admit, I missed the Holocaust Memorial
and the Bauhaus Archive
yeah, next time then

Berlin is modern and clean
you can tell the government puts effort into construction programs
at last, apparently everything is pricey over there

as our tourist guide warned pickpockets were rampant in Prague,
I felt intimidated by the idea of wandering through the city in the nighttime
not worried about money but passport
it takes ten days to get a new one
for photo-taking we came up with some plan to avoid pickpocket situation
you know what,
once we entered the Old Town Square
we completely forgot any plans 
because we all are amazed by the view of magnificent buildings

but it is St. Vitus Cathedral which really left me speechless
when we arrived at the Prague Castle complex, 
it was almost sunset
golden rays of setting sun shining on the Cathedral
all of a sudden, it was turned into a golden Cathedral
by the power of God

had a coffee break in Grandhotel Pupp
right, it is where movie Casino Royale was filmed

we bought many gifts from Cesky Krumlov
many local artists and craftsmen are selling their design products
in the open-air market
some of them are one of a kind
plus, food is affordable and delicious
I wish I could stay longer

my mom and I used to watch The Sound of Music together
the filming locations in Salzburg are worthwhile attractions for me
Mirabell Palace Gardens, Residenz Square and Fountain

I love Vienna the most
it is a foodie heaven for those who can’t say No to sweets
my weakness is chocolate
stocking up on Manner wafers, Original Sacher Torte, Mozart chocolate……..
I just couldn’t go home without them

Austrians are known for their coffee culture
cafes are everywhere, almost every corner of a street
away from the usual craziness of Hong Kong
chilling out at outdoor cafe in Vienna, especially on a warm, sunny day 
what a great treat!

it’s not fair to Budapest
last stop on the road
we were all tired and in no mood to have picture taken
and Danube Boat cruise on a rainy day
but we were still impressed by its spectacular night view
even on a cold, rainy night

in the end, the day we headed back home
the sky was perfect blue
I told myself at least I got Hungarian foie gras

*now it is more fun to watch the Earth Live 

Nov 15, 2012

"something old, something new"

for celebrating the collaboration between SOIL and Mountain Folkcraft
I design a new collection of tote bags
with emphasis on indigo dyed fabric
 the campaign theme “something old, something new” in my mind
I want to explore the possibilities of the Chinese fabric through design
traditional textile meets modern cut
it is not hard to make something stylish with this incredible material
all you need is a bit of imagination to break the conventional mould

some of other design items are also included
among them are wrap bags and iPhone cases
wrap bag is my favorite at the moment
it’s not just a bag, but it can become part of your outfit
especially cool when contrasting with black  

Oct 30, 2012

up for earrings

it is my first pair of handmade earrings
I have just learned how to do it
it is very much like a love affair
I would be totally crazy about making earrings for a while
so many ideas in my head

Aug 25, 2012

a pleasure in metal frame purse

besides stripes and round shapes
I enjoy working with metal frames as well
so tempting to attach it to other purses
like extra compartment, yet decorative at the same time
I look forward to trying out more ideas in near future

Jul 12, 2012

eyeglass pocket case

What I need the most is eyeglass pocket case 
when I want to doze off on plane 
to protect my glasses or to keep it clean
eyeglass pocket case is so easy to make
it could be the ideal DIY project for anyone

Jul 2, 2012

the release of summer collection 2012

yeah, still more long strap
it's just more easy-breezy to wear a bag across my shoulder
especially when running errands
it's my personal favorite

I made a little twist in style
bag bottom is the new option, so it means more room
to carry more stuff
 and small dots team up with stripes
to instill some excitement in patchwork design

Jun 24, 2012

origami kit is here

remember that I made some butterfly brooches for my friends last Christmas
afterward I became fascinated by the art of paper folding
origami is my hobby now
and I just want to share my joy with you through this DIY butterfly brooch kit

Jun 21, 2012

make a heart

I am not a big fan of heart shape, but I find these necktie hearts quite appealing
they make a cute brooch on Valentine's Day 
or party decoration

Jun 12, 2012

bags made from mountain folkcraft fabric

I finally did it! 
I mentioned eariler that I would design something with indigo dye fabrics
bought from mountain folkcraft
these cotton fabrics have beautiful prints and color
and natural dye is used
of course, environmentally friendly products are always welcome

May 29, 2012

helmet bag

that's my first attempt at making helmet bag
it's a little bit like bowling bag, but with round bottom
I have too much fun with zipper in the process
that is an absolutely invaluable experience for me
I will try to design other different types of bags in the future

Apr 23, 2012

Hello, Ocean Park

I have gone to Ocean Park with friends this April
we really wanted to check out the Old Hong Kong theme park there
sure, panda habitat and aquarium are also on our must-go list

Ocean Park is like a new place for me
partly because I just can't recall when was my last visit there
one thing is the same for sure: it is always packed with people
that is why we had only few rides
and we could not hop onto the cable car due to the very long queue

the pandas are cutest
they just have the magic to put a smile on our faces all day long
we all jostled for taking pictures of them

well, I was disappointed with the Old Hong Kong
the park is smaller than I expected, some game booths and food stalls
the design just doesn't capture the essence of a Hong Kong street typical of 1950s
but if you want to check it out, I'd recommend night time
it does bring carnival feel with all the lights on

Mar 30, 2012

Singapore trip

I have an early taste of city summer in Singapore
lots of iced coffee and tasty coconut desserts

I am very surprised by the city planning and architecture in Singapore
it is refreshing to see that 4-story-high green trees are everywhere
upscale private apartments are next to colorful public housing
there are many styles of buildings in the cityscape
more importantly, preserving historic structure is a big thing there

I am so lucky to have a chance to see Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes Eternal
at the ArtScience Museum
the exhibition is fantastic becaue it displays many of his artworks
I find the blotted line drawings quite interesting
and, of course, the Shoe

Even though Singapore has many big shopping malls
which feature international fashion brands,
I rather go to Haji Lane and Ann Siang Road where new hip boutiques are located
the bright-colored buildings instantly put me in the holiday mood

anyway I have a best time there, and I will miss local food!

Feb 28, 2012

debut at KD Arts Gallery Shop

I am so excited by Cotton Car's first public appearance
at KD Arts Gallery Shop
it is finally available in Taiwan

with signature striped pattern and double-side design,
this collection includes longer strap by popular request
meanwhile, more color for bringing on spring spirit
I have also borrowed details from patchwork

Jan 24, 2012

spring festival

this month is quite awesome
one holiday after another
so we have nonstop celebration in HK
full of grand feasts and sweets