Apr 23, 2012

Hello, Ocean Park

I have gone to Ocean Park with friends this April
we really wanted to check out the Old Hong Kong theme park there
sure, panda habitat and aquarium are also on our must-go list

Ocean Park is like a new place for me
partly because I just can't recall when was my last visit there
one thing is the same for sure: it is always packed with people
that is why we had only few rides
and we could not hop onto the cable car due to the very long queue

the pandas are cutest
they just have the magic to put a smile on our faces all day long
we all jostled for taking pictures of them

well, I was disappointed with the Old Hong Kong
the park is smaller than I expected, some game booths and food stalls
the design just doesn't capture the essence of a Hong Kong street typical of 1950s
but if you want to check it out, I'd recommend night time
it does bring carnival feel with all the lights on

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