Oct 28, 2013

all natural

there are a few things I can't live without
body lotion is definitely at the top of the list
in order to keep fabrics clean, I constantly wash my hands when working
that leaves my skin dry and sensitive
especially at this time of year, the humidity level starts to plunge 

sort of fed up with buying tons of plastic bottles for skincare products
to be eco friendly while pampering my hands
I have decided to make my own body lotion
it is super easy to make with just a few ingredients
and extremely moisturizing as well
at the end of the day, a smile of self-satisfaction on my face
you should try it sometime

Oct 10, 2013

out with floral prints

this is the clutch bag 
which I've designed to pair up with my little black dress in a wedding banquet
some of my friends would shake their head when they see it

I get a little perplexed 
I wonder why I am expected to content myself with
clean lines and monochrome palette 
stay with only one style 
once in a while, I admire something sweetly feminine and glamorous
there's nothing wrong with embracing a moment of thought 
and reflecting it in my design