Apr 28, 2011

April Collection

there are things that never go out of style.
stripe pattern is one of them
most bags in the collection have two different sides
I have so much fun playing with the combinations


Apr 13, 2011

hidden paintings

I was cleaning my apartment
and surprisingly found these paintings under my desk.
They are almost forgotten. 

Apr 11, 2011

blue striped bow bag

This is my first bow bag. 
The blue color matches perfectly with the orange door.

Apr 10, 2011

a laid-back Sunday

I went out for a one-day family trip yesterday. 
It is great to spend some quality time with my family. 
I didn’t return home until twelve, and I was quite exhausted. 
So what I need for today is good rest. 
I make myself a hot lemon tea and enjoy a laid-back afternoon.

Apr 7, 2011

another project along with handbags

I am not good at photographing, especially for my handmade handbags.  It is just hard to find right background .  They need to hang naturally, and I don't want to use the same door over and over again. So I decide to build some backdrops and props which would complement the style of my handbags.
Maybe I could start a collection of props and set decoration.

Apr 4, 2011

Mountain Folkcraft

I found a very cool shop to buy chinese traditional fabrics. 
It is located on Wo On Lane of Central, Hong Kong.
There are many unique fabrics you wouldn't find in other places. 
I love their color and pattern,
and will definitely design some handbags out of them.