Dec 24, 2013

gift moment

It's Christmas time
home decorations and buying presents are a huge part of getting ready for it 
for me, going handmade with gifts becomes holiday tradition 
I have been obsessive with diy lotion bar lately
it's made of natural ingredients and quite nourishing
so it is Perfect for my gals
no need to buy any jar or tin for storage - just try to reduce waste when celebrating holidays
and my favorite part of making lotion bar is that I could pick cute-as-can-be molds 
transportation theme for this year 
which one appeals to you

Dec 3, 2013

lighting up

a good friend of mine has bought me a beeswax candle sheet from Taiwan
I am keen to try it out as I haven't any hands-on experience before
with honeycomb texture, the sheet is such a touching pleasure
and I am so surprised how easy it is to make candle
- just by rolling the wax around the wick
a great gift when Christmas is just around the corner

now I am all set to have a candlelight dinner at home