Jul 28, 2013

on simple ensemble

indigo-dyed fabric can be quite versatile
just waiting for us to explore more
its floral print is my thing, subtle yet beautiful
I have been eager to design something other than handbags with it

here's the new item
madras and garden variety make up the brooch
mix and match with other fabrics as well
it could turn a crisp white shirt around

Jul 10, 2013

Fringe Club moment

I work in collaboration with SOIL to participate in the mini exhibition “Creative Ventures into Publishing, Crafts, Design and Coffee Farms” at HK Fringe Club
four new tote bags with Chinese indigo fabric are featured for the occasion
they are all born out of my deep appreciation for traditional eco-friendly dye

as you can see on the photos below, I turn my attention to appliqué this time
collage pieces come from indigo patterns blended with other textile prints
images of nature and garden appear on the composition

the bag with octagon-shaped print demonstrates the idea of 
taking fabric pattern into account when designing handbags
 this fabric astonishes me since I found out that its patterns were hand painted
it is my way to show respect for the fabric

also, I’m dipping my toes on 3-D forms built into a vivid color/pattern mix
because sculptural design always captures my heart
frankly, I am pleased with the end result

Thank You to my incredible photographer, Chee Haur!