May 25, 2013

side by side

it is summertime
also update time for my tote bag 
here’s an alternative to the central circle pocket 
I put the pocket along the side
design wise, it creates different focus and look for the composition

plus, it can transform into new bag shape
at the moment, it is a square 
to add more fun, jazz it up with color contrast
for me, somehow it’s like a huge stamp on envelope

P.S.  after all, there are no set rules, 
I would try any new ideas popped into my mind

May 15, 2013

those laid-back days

some of you might have known that I flew out to the states earlier
more specifically, San Francisco and New York
having one month off is a real luxury these days, especially for Hong Kong people
I consider myself very lucky

humm…I thought I would have very packed days on vacation
rather than squeezing in time to visit outlet stores for shopping 
and museums for inspiration,  
or check out must-see spots in cities 

fully enjoying the sweet weather in April is my thing 
-I heard it had been raining and grey clouds in HK
dreamy sunset was a classic when strolling by the sea
going back to my college for photo shooting time – admittedly, I got quite nostalgic about it
Driving to nature and beautiful scenery since we were that close  
trying out local vegan restaurants in town– CafĂ© Gratitude is my favourite choice
and catching up with my family and old friends, 
so glad to see their smiling faces again
oh, I almost forgot to mention mini golf 

the kind of things make me happy 
I had a brilliant time
it really keeps my mind in shape