May 8, 2014

SOIL x Cotton Car's Debut Homeware Collection

Last September SOIL suggested to develop a set of light fixtures together, with bamboo and fabric as the material of choice in mind.  Some of you might know that I have a weakness for fabrics.  Indeed it was hard for me to resist the invitation.

As it turned out, I immensely enjoyed designing with bamboo as well.  Besides being incredibly versatile, bamboo is very eco friendly - its high nitrogen consumption absorbs pollutants.
Working with new material is like embarking a journey.  The whole experience is unexpected but so much Fun!

Feb 1, 2014

Ma as Horse

happy new year of the horse!
have a healthy, prosperous and joyful year ahead

Jan 19, 2014

towards hand painting

it is about time to design my own fabric

I start with hand painting pattern first
during the process, I can easily test out the color schemes and design composition
picking out vermilion is not because the Chinese New Year is around the corner
but as my favorite color when it comes to painting