Jul 29, 2011

Made in Britain - Contemporary Art

I went to Hong Kong Heritage Museum for this touring exhibition. 
35 groups of contemporary British artists present their iconic creations,
which reflect the cultural and social changes in UK.
I have been complaining there aren't many contemporary art exhibitions in Hong Kong.
It's really worth going. 
Check it out before October 9. 

Jul 22, 2011

at Admiralty Station on Friday night

when going out with friends around 7 pm on Friday night
when the meeting place is the platform for Tsuen Wan Line
at Amiralty Station, one of busiest station in HK
when cell phones have poor reception
be prepared for hide-and-seek before reaching your final destination

Jul 19, 2011

Jul 8, 2011

my recent handmade accessories


I want to make some flower brooches for friends and family. 
It has been a while since I've last made the accessories,
so I become clumsy when using glue gun. 
Next time I would practice a bit first
and make sure that I can do a quick job.

  khaki pin stripe flower

red floral pattern flower brooches

                          black flower brooch