Dec 24, 2013

gift moment

It's Christmas time
home decorations and buying presents are a huge part of getting ready for it 
for me, going handmade with gifts becomes holiday tradition 
I have been obsessive with diy lotion bar lately
it's made of natural ingredients and quite nourishing
so it is Perfect for my gals
no need to buy any jar or tin for storage - just try to reduce waste when celebrating holidays
and my favorite part of making lotion bar is that I could pick cute-as-can-be molds 
transportation theme for this year 
which one appeals to you

Dec 3, 2013

lighting up

a good friend of mine has bought me a beeswax candle sheet from Taiwan
I am keen to try it out as I haven't any hands-on experience before
with honeycomb texture, the sheet is such a touching pleasure
and I am so surprised how easy it is to make candle
- just by rolling the wax around the wick
a great gift when Christmas is just around the corner

now I am all set to have a candlelight dinner at home

Nov 16, 2013

ongoing series

apparently I have a penchant for different shapes
to me, triangle is quite dynamic among shapes
the angles indicate action and direction
and irregular triangle is particularly playful

Oct 28, 2013

all natural

there are a few things I can't live without
body lotion is definitely at the top of the list
in order to keep fabrics clean, I constantly wash my hands when working
that leaves my skin dry and sensitive
especially at this time of year, the humidity level starts to plunge 

sort of fed up with buying tons of plastic bottles for skincare products
to be eco friendly while pampering my hands
I have decided to make my own body lotion
it is super easy to make with just a few ingredients
and extremely moisturizing as well
at the end of the day, a smile of self-satisfaction on my face
you should try it sometime

Oct 10, 2013

out with floral prints

this is the clutch bag 
which I've designed to pair up with my little black dress in a wedding banquet
some of my friends would shake their head when they see it

I get a little perplexed 
I wonder why I am expected to content myself with
clean lines and monochrome palette 
stay with only one style 
once in a while, I admire something sweetly feminine and glamorous
there's nothing wrong with embracing a moment of thought 
and reflecting it in my design 

Sep 25, 2013

DIY brooch with rubber stamp

I came across a great collection of rubber stamps from 
a scrapbooking store on the last trip to the US
since then I have become a huge fan of stamping
question on my mind:
the craft isn't just for making card and wrapping gift
it can be fashionable as well 
- its intricate design can turn into pretty cool brooches 

 super glue
glue stick
ink pad
bar pin 
rubber stamps
paper board or card stock
paper of your choice

step 1
tap the rubber stamp to the ink pad
after make sure that the stamp is evenly coated with ink,
gently press it to paper

step 2
once the image is perfectly stamped,
carefully cut around the shape

step 3
for card stock, cut out same size shape
then adhere it to the image with glue stick

step 4
attach bar pin to the back of the card stock using super glue
leave it to dry off

Ta Da,  there you have a brooch
as you can see, it is quite simple to make
have fun!

Sep 10, 2013

available at Kubrick apm

admittedly, I'm thrilled to have Cotton Car's collection at Kubrick
it is one of those stores which care about cultural experience

I'd like to have something different every time
in this collection, small items become my primary focus
wallet, zippered pouch, cosmetic bag, iPhone case and iPad case
think about how often you change those items?
once a week? once a month? or even longer?
however, hardly stick with one handbag in a week

we tend to be loyal to these individual organizers
they not only make our lives
easier, simpler when switching up looks
but also reflect who we are

Aug 13, 2013

fill in the blank

I like black, white, blue
but sometimes I'm in the mood for other colors

when I came across this indigo fabric,
I couldn't pass up the chance to hand paint it with red
it kind of reminds me of the coloring projects in my childhood
fun and inspirational

Jul 28, 2013

on simple ensemble

indigo-dyed fabric can be quite versatile
just waiting for us to explore more
its floral print is my thing, subtle yet beautiful
I have been eager to design something other than handbags with it

here's the new item
madras and garden variety make up the brooch
mix and match with other fabrics as well
it could turn a crisp white shirt around

Jul 10, 2013

Fringe Club moment

I work in collaboration with SOIL to participate in the mini exhibition “Creative Ventures into Publishing, Crafts, Design and Coffee Farms” at HK Fringe Club
four new tote bags with Chinese indigo fabric are featured for the occasion
they are all born out of my deep appreciation for traditional eco-friendly dye

as you can see on the photos below, I turn my attention to appliqué this time
collage pieces come from indigo patterns blended with other textile prints
images of nature and garden appear on the composition

the bag with octagon-shaped print demonstrates the idea of 
taking fabric pattern into account when designing handbags
 this fabric astonishes me since I found out that its patterns were hand painted
it is my way to show respect for the fabric

also, I’m dipping my toes on 3-D forms built into a vivid color/pattern mix
because sculptural design always captures my heart
frankly, I am pleased with the end result

Thank You to my incredible photographer, Chee Haur!

Jun 22, 2013

DIY Jumping Jack

I made those DIY toys for charitable project HAPPY MAKERS
the result really conjures up the kid in me

Jun 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to All the fathers and father figures as well

Jun 9, 2013

a continuation

as for pouch, I still concentrate on zipper paired up with metal frame
an updated version
but being prone to examine pattern clash
in particular, I think of stripes contrasted with other prints

as you can see, circle shape shows up again
the idea of double side as well
um....just can't deny the urge to throw them in the design

May 25, 2013

side by side

it is summertime
also update time for my tote bag 
here’s an alternative to the central circle pocket 
I put the pocket along the side
design wise, it creates different focus and look for the composition

plus, it can transform into new bag shape
at the moment, it is a square 
to add more fun, jazz it up with color contrast
for me, somehow it’s like a huge stamp on envelope

P.S.  after all, there are no set rules, 
I would try any new ideas popped into my mind

May 15, 2013

those laid-back days

some of you might have known that I flew out to the states earlier
more specifically, San Francisco and New York
having one month off is a real luxury these days, especially for Hong Kong people
I consider myself very lucky

humm…I thought I would have very packed days on vacation
rather than squeezing in time to visit outlet stores for shopping 
and museums for inspiration,  
or check out must-see spots in cities 

fully enjoying the sweet weather in April is my thing 
-I heard it had been raining and grey clouds in HK
dreamy sunset was a classic when strolling by the sea
going back to my college for photo shooting time – admittedly, I got quite nostalgic about it
Driving to nature and beautiful scenery since we were that close  
trying out local vegan restaurants in town– Café Gratitude is my favourite choice
and catching up with my family and old friends, 
so glad to see their smiling faces again
oh, I almost forgot to mention mini golf 

the kind of things make me happy 
I had a brilliant time
it really keeps my mind in shape

Apr 27, 2013

string mode again

I have devoted more time to strings
partly because of being thousands of miles away from my sewing machine
on getaway, enjoying California sunshine
but what got me ultra excited is
you can make a lot of innovative projects with them
bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, headbands, belts, camera straps.......
all right, any will do

Apr 5, 2013

whip-up fever

I have been meaning to try some new medium
on my to-do list
making bracelet with strings is one of them
all I need is some multi colored embroidery floss
it is pretty much like a warm up exercise for me
because I can't resist to make many more of them



Mar 21, 2013

start wrapping

I will be traveling very soon
a versatile handbag at the top of my agenda
it has to be light and decent-sized
 something comfortable yet chic enough
with which  I can go to a nice restaurant
without feeling awkward

 as the result,  I make myself a navy blue wrap bag
with vintage inspired print
it looks like a half vest when slinging over the shoulder

Mar 8, 2013

zipper pocket on tote bag

I found myself making different pocket designs on tote bags
given that there are many misc items to bring when going out
I need to get organized
pockets have a practical purpose
they keep my stuff easily at hand

this time I play around with zipper

Feb 28, 2013

eye for fish scale pattern

I got a thing for fish scale pattern
partly because I am a pisces
with multiple layers, it is quite vibrant and playful
I start with bag bottom first
be expect more experiments 

Feb 13, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy V-day to everyone
have a great time with loved one