Sep 25, 2013

DIY brooch with rubber stamp

I came across a great collection of rubber stamps from 
a scrapbooking store on the last trip to the US
since then I have become a huge fan of stamping
question on my mind:
the craft isn't just for making card and wrapping gift
it can be fashionable as well 
- its intricate design can turn into pretty cool brooches 

 super glue
glue stick
ink pad
bar pin 
rubber stamps
paper board or card stock
paper of your choice

step 1
tap the rubber stamp to the ink pad
after make sure that the stamp is evenly coated with ink,
gently press it to paper

step 2
once the image is perfectly stamped,
carefully cut around the shape

step 3
for card stock, cut out same size shape
then adhere it to the image with glue stick

step 4
attach bar pin to the back of the card stock using super glue
leave it to dry off

Ta Da,  there you have a brooch
as you can see, it is quite simple to make
have fun!

Sep 10, 2013

available at Kubrick apm

admittedly, I'm thrilled to have Cotton Car's collection at Kubrick
it is one of those stores which care about cultural experience

I'd like to have something different every time
in this collection, small items become my primary focus
wallet, zippered pouch, cosmetic bag, iPhone case and iPad case
think about how often you change those items?
once a week? once a month? or even longer?
however, hardly stick with one handbag in a week

we tend to be loyal to these individual organizers
they not only make our lives
easier, simpler when switching up looks
but also reflect who we are